To YOU, who arrive at this website(このサイトに辿り着いたあなたへ)

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Welcome to FotoReiser!

This website is a portal media of me, Alan Drake Haller, who is active as a travel journalist and media creator.

First of all, I’d like to introduce you to this website’s name FotoReiser concisely.

FotoReiser is a coined word that combines words “Foto” with “Reiser”, which mean “photograph” and “travel” in German. Plus, “Foto” also includes the meaning of “Light”.

So, I named the title of this website “FotoReiser” after those German words with the meanings “a traveler who seeks light (hope)”.

Introduction of this portal media’s contents

Although I named “portal media” exaggeratedly, it isn’t such an overambitious thing. In short, portal media is mere a private blog that includes links of each SNS and gallery that I use on a daily basis. So, you can feel free to enjoy contents of this website.

Off course, as you’d expect of “media”, the main contents of this website is article. In this website, I’m mainly posting articles of the following themes.

Contents of this portal media
  1. Chiba : articles introduce my home area Chiba.
  2. Travel Japan: articles related to maniac sightseeing information that I collect while traveling my country Japan.
  3. Camera : articles related to information about how to choose a camera for travels and that enhances your camera life.

I’m inserting my photographic works that I’m ultimately particular about art and produce in posts, so you can enjoy them with articles.

Plus, you can also jump to photographic gallery that I open in 500px from the link of 4. Portfolio. I’d be very glad if you could also enjoy them.

The world is far more beautiful and hopeful than we think

Bullying, divorce of my parents, abandonment of going on to a university due to economic troubles, obsessive-compulsive disorder, failure of the business and personal bankruptcy. Since I had experienced them in sequence, I strongly believed in that there was no hope in my life.

However, I noticed that some beautiful scenes that I got moved to tears glitter around me when I walked around the outside world with a camera. It may be a superb view that the history of thousands years produced, or, may be a working of people that I saw accidentally in a town.

Anyway, I wan’t simply able to notice them because I looked away. A scene and moment that I can be impressed and have hope in my life have existed if I looked for them consciously. Besides, they’ve been glittering innumerably.

I thought if I reported articles attached with photographs, which were formed by hope I found that way, I could provide not only information related to travel and photograph but also more valuable things, like encouraging people who believed there was no hope in their life same as previous me. Therefore I built up this portal media.

The world is far more beautiful and hopeful than we think.

I eagerly hope that contents of this website can contribute to lighting even a little hope in your heart.


当サイトはトラベルジャーナリスト兼メディアクリエイターとして活動する、僕、Alan Drake Haller(アラン・ドレイク・ハーラー)のポータルメディアだ。







  1. Chiba:僕の地元である千葉の魅力を紹介する記事
  2. Travel Japan:日本国内の旅行先で取材したマニアックな観光の情報に関する記事
  3. Camera:旅カメラの選び方やカメラライフをより充実させる情報に関する記事


また、4. Portfolioからは500pxで公開している僕の写真作品のギャラリーへ移動することもできるので、そちらも楽しんでいただければ幸いだ。